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From basic visualization to advanced analysis tools, RIGOL delivers uncompromised oscilloscope solutions for today’s engineers. Whether you are a home hobbyist, an educator, an IoT developer, or are debugging an advanced embedded design, RIGOL has an oscilloscope that will delight you.

Whether you need a simple sine wave generator for your classroom or you are working with complex applications and arbitrary waves, the RIGOL portfolio of waveform generators has the solution to meet your performance needs. With industry leading pricing, the RIGOL family of waveform generators provides unmatched customer value.

From entry level swept spectrum analyzers to advanced real-time analysis, RIGOL provides unprecedented value. Whether you are doing simple signal visualization, integrating wireless technologies into your IoT design, characterizing component performance, preparing for emissions compliance testing or working with complex modulated signals RIGOL has a Spectrum Analyzer to fit your need and budget.

The RF signal source mainly acts as a stable local oscillator signal in the test, or generates various types of modulated signals, and the two-tone signal is used for signal excitation, receiving sensitivity testing and other applications. When choosing the RF signal source, the frequency range of the signal output, power requirement size, modulation type, frequency stability, amplitude accuracy and many other factors needs to be considered.

Uncompromised performance in laboratory-grade digital multimeters Basic 5½-digit DMM, 5½-digit DMM with LXI, and full 6½-digit DMM models available.

Flexible, modular Data Acquisition system with high performance scanning 6.5 digit DMM. 5 slot mainframes and modules for customized data acquisition solutions including temperature, resistance, current and voltage measurements

Data Acquisition Mainframes

M300 Series (Data Acquisition Mainframes)

A DC power supply is an instrument that produces a pure, stable DC power supply. There are several important parameters when choosing a DC power supply, including the number of channels, total power, output specifications per channel, resolution, and so on. Each indicator is related to the needs and applications we actually test.

Programmable DC electronic load is a device that precisely regulates the load voltage and current dissipation power consumption of electrical energy. There are several important parameters to consider when choosing programmable DC electronic load, including maximum power, maximum current, maximum voltage, current slope, and so on. Each indicator is related to the needs and applications we actually test.

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